Journey to 50K


Now, this is the longest it’s taken me, but I finally got to fifty thousand words in my NaNo novel! I was really nervous about this time around, since school is stressful and finals are coming up in a month, so all my teachers are cramming as much information as possible into my head. But, tonight about thirty minutes ago, I reached the goal!

Let me tell you, I’m so happy. The past few times I tried NaNo, I finished, but not all in one novel. It’s been two years since I’ve finished a novel, and I think my dragon story is the next one on my list of completion.

Right now I’m in a really intense spot. Elin, the main character, and Desmond, a bounty hunter tagging along on her summoning, are talking about his past. She, as a dragon-kin, is learning more about the normal’s culture. For instance, she never knew they had a religion that was different than the dragon-kin religion, and Desmond’s explaining to her that it causes wars between his kind. As they’re doing this, they’re on the run from Desmond’s older brother who’s out for Elin’s head and trying to make it up the mountain to find the Dragon Elder Jaarshin, as he was the one who summoned Elin.

It’s a little crazy, and I have a long way to go because I’m done, but I have a good solid base, and plenty of motivation to finish it. Ever since I finished Childhood back in June of 2012, I’ve lost the motivation to finish things. I’ll start, but never finish. It took me a long time to figure out why I’m having issues, and I finally realized that I don’t think people like what I write. Childhood was written in ten days as a present for a friend, and… well she still has read it, two years later. I’ve talked to her about it and I know it’s not that she doesn’t like the story (she begged me for it for three years), but it still is a kind of painful thing to want someone you respect and care about to read your work, and they don’t.

At least, that was me three months ago. After having an emotional breakdown about my writing, and some help from one of my friends, I realized that I don’t write for other people. I write for me. And now I’m past that set back and just finished a journey to 50 thousand words in one story.

Has anyone else had a similar story? How is everyone doing with Camp NaNo? Having fun or getting frustrated? What do you do when you just can’t seem to finish anything?


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