Revisions Make me Sick

Okay, not really. I love to revise, even if it does drive me insane. I just happen to have a cold given to me by my lovely aunt, who I’m visiting at the moment, as I revise.


But anyway, as I lie miserable in my bed with a cat on my back and a cup of cocoa on my bedside table (oh, how horrible is my life?), I am revising The First Nine with a fury of passion. Each day I try my best to revise two new chapters so I can get it ready for my beta reader who wants it by June 1st. The deadline is good for me. I enjoy the deadline because it gives me something to look forward too.

Only, when I began my revise, I didn’t realize how much would change. For one thing, I’ve added a new character. For another, I got rid of a relationship that had been long standing since I wrote the book back in 2011. So it’s been a lot more stressful than I originally thought it would be.

Adding a character into an already established world is hard. Especially into a book that’s been generally the same for three years. I’ve had to rearrange scenes, change conversations, add new backstory, new foreshadowing, and even change how characters act around one another. Same with deleting a relationship. I had to come up with new motivations, new explanations, and new character dynamics.

It’s hard! I’ve never done this before to an already established book. It’s always been in one I’m writing, not revising. If I had more time I might be able to do it better. All I know for sure is this is going to need another revision before I even consider sending it off to an agent, or think about self publishing. But, the new version is going to be more fun, more open, and appeal to more audiences now that I’ve made these changes. It’s still The First Nine, and that’s all that matters to me.

If you want some advice for adding a character, here are a few things I’ve learned through all of this:

  • Don’t just BS it. It’ll come back to bite you if you don’t have a plan already in motion.
  • Write down what scenes he/she need to be added. It’ll help keep you from getting overwhelmed.
  • Write down a character profile before hand. He/she won’t be as developed as the other main characters and he/she needs to be.
  • Know right away how he/she is going to affect the plot. If you wait till the climax to figure this out you’ll struggle to get what you need down.

And that’s all that I can think of!

How many of you guys are in revisions? Ever have a problem with this? What advice do you have?

Hope you have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Revisions Make me Sick

  1. Yes you have posted one of my huge fears. I haven’t written a book or really started one yet, but I have thought… well what if I wrote a novel and got almost to the end and then had to make a huge change and then all the other things that have to change with it??? Arg sounds painful. But congrats on all the writing you have done.

    1. It was one of my biggest fears for the longest time. Eventually I just had to come to terms that sometimes your story will change. You can wait forever to write it, or you can write it and then fix it later. I’d rather do that than never finish a novel 🙂 I wish you luck writing something! Thank you for commenting!

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