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Dancing from Within

My aunt likes to go to dance class. I think she’s insane, as it’s early in the morning and the teacher is crazy enthusiastic, but she enjoys it, and the teacher is a good dancer (he was on Dancing With the Stars and Everything). As I’m visiting my aunt, she wanted me to go with her and participate today, and it was fun, but the teacher said something that caught my attention.

“We dance from within.”

I’m not a dancer. I’m not a good dancer. At prom I kind of swayed back and forth and watched my friends dance. But that line really got to me, and I started thinking about my writing, and how I keep trying to tell people to forget the rules. Forget about how to use adverbs, dialogue tags, dynamic characters, avoiding cliches, and the worst offender of all: what your audience will think. You have to write from within and only then will your true talent shine.

The teacher went on to explain that you can have all the dance moves perfect, each step in place, but if you never put yourself into your dancing, or in this case your writing, all you’ll have is a technically correct book.

People don’t want technically correct. People want emotion. They want to hear you with every word, your voice shining through to tell them a story that means something to you. And you should write something that touches your heart.


(PS I was going to post about cliches, but then I was lazy yesterday and I decided since my birthday is coming up I would post something more personal to me. Also, spas rock)

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