Juggling Each Word

I’m a college student. I’m in my second year as an International Studies Major. This semester I’m taking 18 credits, which translates to five normal classes and two lab, and I’m in three clubs, plus two activities that don’t count as clubs, while maintaining a social life and fostering a possible relationship. On top of all of this, I’ve decided to go out and try to publish The First Nine, and write one million words in a year (I’m behind so far D: ).

My friends, I think I’m going to burn out.

Or, I might be fine. So far I’ve been tired a lot, but that’s it. I’m doing well in my classes and no one’s complained that I don’t hang out a lot. And I get asked a lot, how the hell do I find time to write?

The answer is…. I have no idea. I’ll be perfectly honest, each day kind of flies by and I have no idea how I manage to get done everything I need to get done. I know I set aside time to write, and recently I’ve been staying up till one in the morning trying to get my homework completed in time for class the next day. It’s exhausting, and frustrating and I wish it was summer again so I could be lazy.

But in a way, this works for me. I’m always doing something. I always have something to do. And because of this, when I do write I know to make the moments precious. There is no, “oh I can write some more in an hour,” because in an hour I probably have class. So I actually sit and write. I get things done because I know I won’t have time to later.

That’s all I have to say 🙂

Anyone else super busy still still finding time to write?


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