New Years Eveeeeee!!!!

It’s New Years Eve everyone! Time to celebrate and watch fireworks and get drunk and have a great time!

Well, not for me. I’m stuck on a couch again, writing, watching Criminal Minds. You know, good stuff. Last night I got a comment on my previous post from an old reader of mine from fanfiction dot net. She(he?) left me a very nice message reminding me of all the reviewers I got on Is there an Elephant in the Room?, and how much fun it was to write that very first time. So I started working on it again (between doses of pain meds) and it has been fun.

You know, sitting alone. On a couch. On New Years Eve.

Ah well. Such is life, right?

Starting next year I’m going to get back to my already planned posts. Still got a lot to get through! I’m going to try and post one a day, see how that goes. For now though, stay safe, don’t drive drunk, and have a happy new year everyone!


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