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Is there an Elephant in the Room?

So, school. That thing. The thing that destroys all the other things. Until you leave. And then you realize that it’s the thing that you need to survive the other other thing called life. Unfortunately, until that day, we as students are stuck with homework, class, professors who don’t understand the definition of nice, and little to no free time.

Which of course means I have a novel to finish. Right? Right.

I’m going to talk a little about some of my books in more recent blog posts. Why? Because I said so. Also because I’m preparing to publish and I’m told this is a good thing to do. So here, to all you readers out there, is a look into my very first completed novel, Is there an Elephant in the Room?.

I started writing this four years ago as an innocent sophomore in high school. Barely sixteen, still trying to find my stride in both life and writing, and determined to finish something. It started as a fanfiction, one about my favorite video game series in the world, and it was a challenge for me because I’d never written first person before. And I’d never written from the point of view of an average, bisexual, eighteen year old boy. Yet every week I managed to get at least one, if not more, chapters written.

When I got to chapter 10, I decided it was time. Time to start posting the story on See, I’d posted stuff on there before, but only one story ever got completed and it’s… um… mediocre, at best. I look at it now and smile at my innocent eighth grade writing. Plus, it wasn’t long enough to be considered a novel. But Elephant was different. I had a plan. 47 chapters of plans. And I wasn’t losing momentum.

I remember telling myself every day that today could be the last day I ever wrote in Elephant, and I didn’t want that to happen. I was scared that I’d abandon this story too, just like all my others. Yet something about it kept me going. Something about it changed me. Not only did I finish all 47 chapters, 211,000 words, but I had a following, people liked it, and I finished it in seven months. A new record for me! Because, you know, I actually finished it.

After it was finished I decided to leave it be. No revisions, no nothing. It was going to be my magnum opus of fanfiction. But a year passed and I couldn’t let it go. One day, a little before 50 Shades of Grey got super popular, I decided I wasn’t done with it and it needed to be revised into an original story. So I set out to change the names (which have since changed a little), change certain aspects of the story, get a book cover, revise it until my fingers fell off, and get it published.

I’m almost there.

Well, sort of. I still have a lot to go, but now I have a beautiful story, a criticism of society, about Dustin Shier, a young boy with no idea what he wants, no self esteem due to an abusive relationship in high school, and a negative take on the world. It shows his growth, his development, and his strength as he overcomes his demons, while still keeping his snarky personality. It follows him along with a group of workmates, all of whom have their own issues and their own struggles to deal with. It’s no Lord of the Rings, no Harry Potter, but I’m hoping it touches at least some.

This book is special to me. It’s one I’ve kept dear to my heart during all of my own struggles and demons. Even to this day it helps me deal with things of my past, while allowing me to look to the future. It’s a special book, and it’s a book that I think deserves publication.

Here’s to overcoming challenges! It’s the first book I ever finished, and it wasn’t the last. It was a gateway to the world of writing, and because of it I found my voice.

I hope to finish it soon.


Any comments? Questions? Feel free to comment!

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