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New Year. New Life. New Goals

Happy New Year! 2015 was a year of change for me.

I started querying The First Nine.

I started dating someone for the first time in my life.

I moved out of my dad’s house.

I moved to China.

I started three more books.

I decided I needed a break from writing for a bit.

My dad sold my childhood home of 15 years (almost 16).

My sister got married.

And now I’m sitting in my boyfriend’s parents’ house, waiting for January 9th when I return to Asia (Japan, then Korea, then back to China), trying to get through the first revise on Call of the Elder. I remember revising The First Nine to be much easier. But I guess I was younger when I wrote it, and I changed it so much. This isn’t changing, per se. Just, being updated.

Anyway, I sit here, wondering what I should do with my 2016, when I decided that I shouldn’t wonder. I should do.

So I’m writing this blog post about what I’m going to do. Because if you write it down, there’s a greater chance of actually getting to it, or so I’m told.

Here are my goals, as a writer, and as a person, for 2016:

  1. Write for at least an hour a day
  2. Study Chinese for at least an hour a day until May
  3. Study Spanish for at least an hour a day
  4. Study Japanese for at least an hour a day starting in June
  5. Apply for the JET Program
  6. Finish my final revise on The First Nine.
  7. Try for traditional publishing again – if nothing, self-publish (my reasons why will be posted in another blog at some point)
  8. Finish first, second, and maybe third revisions on Call of the Elder. Start it in contests
  10. Finish the first draft of “What Would You Do?”
  11. Read a book a week

There. Eleven goals. Let’s see how I fare throughout the year šŸ™‚

Anyone else got any goals?



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