2017 #PimpMyBio Mentee

Hello! My name is Sarah, aka Linnea, aka Lin, aka “Hey you,” and I’m a Pitch Wars 2017 hopeful.

I write pretty much any genre and age range, though I’m drawn mostly to YA fantasy. This year, however, I’m entering my NA/Adult (categorized as Adult most likely) Contemporary Slice-of-Life Romance. You can find me on Twitter where I post about my writing and other such adventures.

MY MS: A CP once compared it to Perks of Being a Wallflower mixed with a more adult voice of Milo from Looking for Alaska.

IS THERE AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM?, set in early 2011 to early 2012, follows a year of wallflower Dustin Shier’s life after graduation from a prep school. After an abusive relationship with a secret boyfriend, Dustin is insecure about himself and isn’t sure what he wants out of life. To cope, he abandons all ideas of college — a decision unheard of at his school — and goes to work for his dad’s company instead. There, he meets a group of mid-twenty-somethings who forcibly “adopt” him and push him out of his shell. As he struggles to deal with this newfound social interaction, memories of his old relationship rise up haunt him, as do some unexpected family secrets, and a ridiculous love triangle. During all this, Dustin struggles to understand where he belongs in life, and if it’s okay to trust people again.

This story combines humor and sarcasm to handle the dark and gritty reality that is recovering from abuse. It is a story about recovery, about hope, and about love. Family love, friend love, romantic love, and self-love. It’s about dealing with your demons, growing as a person, and understanding how you fit into the world as you, and not the person society demands. It’s got:

a socially awkward main character + strong female characters + a m/m/f love triangle + a bi MC who is not questioning his sexuality + Jewish rep + bipolar and anxiety rep + love + family drama + strong, non-toxic male friendships + strong female friendships + New York City + sarcasm + and office romance + male/female friendships + healthy family dynamics + good parents + bad parents + hope

Here’s the Aesthetic I made:

Elephant aesthetic 2

Statement on Diversity:

As a bi-polar Ashkenazi Jew, I strive for good rep, and work to make my entire cast diverse. Elephant features a large, diverse cast of people with different backgrounds, personalities, ethnicities, races, religions, sexualities, disabilities, and so on.

About me:

I am a recent college graduate who obtained my degree in International Relations with a focus on East Asia. With this, I studied in Chengdu, China, for a year and am a wannabe linguist. I love language, whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish, English etc. Reading and writing are two of my greatest loves, with some of my favorite books being Harry Potter, Animal Farm, Heart of Darkness, Kite Runner, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Lord of the Rings, and Fahrenheit 451.

I’m also a giant nerd who plays too many video games and has a fondness for kid’s cartoons (Avatar: The Last Airbender anyone?).

I work incredibly hard, and am willing to do what it takes to get my story out there. I’m excellent at dealing with constructive criticism, tend to be blunt, I ask a ton of question, and, like Dustin, am incredibly sarcastic, even if it doesn’t come out all the time.

Born in California, raised in Colorado, I love the mountains, the ocean, and nature. I’ve lived in a city of 14 million, and a town of 25,000. I’ve traveled all over the world, and love to learn about anything and everything, especially people and culture.

I also love cats, which I am incredibly allergic too. And elephants. Elephants are gorgeous creatures. Unfortunately, there are no elephants in my book.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! And thank you to Brenda Drake for putting on Pitch Wars, and Kester Grant for the idea on how to format my PimpMyBio! I’m excited to see where this year goes!


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