Is there an Elephant in the Room? is a somewhat special book to me. It started out as a kind of present for a friend of mine, because she always wanted to read what I wrote, and the two of us were… well, a little obsessed with fanfiction back in the day. So, as a little tenth grader I decided to start writing a love story between two of the characters we loved. I thought it’d be pretty short. Nothing big. Before I knew it, seven months had passed and I’d completed a very popular, 210,000 word manuscript, all in the name of romantic comedy.

When I finished it, I thought it was done and over, but the story kept nagging at me. So a year and a half later, I decided I was going to turn it into an original story. From there, it grew into a much larger story, and has since expanded into at least one more book. Well, what I mean is I had to split the original book into two since no publisher in their right mind is going to publish a romantic comedy/slice of life story about a gay couple that’s the length of the fifth Harry Potter book.

Anyway, so I’ll talk about the books here:

Is there an Elephant in the Room? and A Little Birdie Told Me follow two years of the life of Dustin Shier, a somewhat spoiled, very wealthy, eighteen year old boy who decides for a reason unknown to forgo college for a while and instead go immediately to work at his father’s company. While there, he gets involved in a small clique in the office, consisting of Ellie Saadi, his father’s personal lawyer and a strong woman who doesn’t take anything lightly, Ben Finnigan, an accountant with an ego problem, Addi and Jenny McKee, step-sisters who both work as secretaries and seem a little too nice to be true, Hito Nakamura, the one Dustin just can’t figure out anything about, and Jake Braun, his new, hated, future business partner. As Dustin struggles to understand these new people in his life, as well as push through his own painful secrets, he discovers it’s okay to rely on others for help, and sometimes denying yourself happiness can hurt those around you as well.

This book is very… well, adult. It talks about a lot of challenging themes, goes into some very touchy subjects, and strives to drive home an idea of acceptance and realization that sexuality and gender don’t exclude a person from the feelings of pain.

And that’s the Elephant series in a nutshell (for now)! Funny how a fanfic can become something so massive, right?


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