The Immortal Series

This series started in my friend’s kitchen in August of 2011, while I listened to her talk about her own story. It started from a small idea and expanded, as all my stories do, into a five book series. It’s a pretty complex series, focusing on three teenagers in Colorado who get wrapped up in a world of demons. I’ll post the descriptions up here as they get finished.

The First Nine

Seventeen-year-old Mia Sòng is the caretaker of her twin brother who fell ill five years ago. Used to the busy streets of Los Angeles and Beijing, small town Colorado’s slow pace has Mia wishing for excitement and wonder. With her parents busy running their small museum in Denver, she spends her free time daydreaming about her escape from Colorado, and her return to Beijing.

When a relic from her mother’s homeland is destroyed, an unseasonal blizzard overtakes the Rocky Mountains, worsening her brother’s illness and bringing with it a mysterious child who never speaks. When a stalker appears in the shadows of the forest, haunting Mia’s waking and sleeping world, that her life begins to crack.

When she learns that her brother can use magic, it shatters.

Confused, scared, and without powers of her own, she’s caught in a supernatural war between the nine immortal demons, and a man only known as “he.” As she struggles to adjust, two foreign voices battle for her mind; one tells her to leave, and the other reminds her of the love she has for her brother. Mia must sift through the chatter and find her own voice before the war takes her sanity and her family’s lives with it.


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